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Ten Facts About Me:
1) I love my horses, barrel racing, rodeo, and my rodeo friends.
2) I consider writing a passion. There is no bigger compliment to me than telling me that one of my stories made you cry.
3) I'm disgustingly in love with my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for over a year now. 4) Supernatural is a bangin' show with a bangin' cast (literally *wink, wink*). 5) Destiel is my ship. 6) Reading is something I do constantly. It's not uncommon for me to finish reading a book in less than a day. I can read three sometimes four books in a week. 7) I really want to be a published author someday. 8) I live in smalltown USA, population 400. 9) I'm attending college, it's annoying. 10) I love cuddling and being the little spoon!

Lucy gets excited to go to work!

Freckles is so photogenic.

Waiting for Steve to finish dragging the arena…it may be fifty years.




found on facebook. This poor woman came in to find her horse had been vandalized. They cut his mane, tail, and spray painted him. Why are people so mean? It’s only cosmetic, but it still takes a horrid person to do this to an animal. Happened near Rochester, NY. If any of my Tumblr followers has any idea or recognizes the mark on the horse, please help this woman find who did this:  Link here

Also, guys, this woman has PTSD and this is basically her therapy horse. Extra important to spread this around.

I saw this on Facebook earlier today. This is horrible. 

About two hours from where I live (twenty minutes from my college) a horse was SET ON FUCKING FIRE, another was shot between the eyes (and lived), and another was spray painted with the non-washable kind. People really piss me off.




I love America


when the person u hate does something that makes everyone else hate them:




beacon hills town slogan: 

"don’t trust anybody. no one. don’t trust your neighbor. don’t trust your friends. don’t trust your mom. don’t trust your dog. no one. don’t do it."

I think it’s

"hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands. ‘cause errybody dyin’ out here."


Saw this on Facebook. I’m laughing





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