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Ten Facts About Me:
1) I love my horses, barrel racing, rodeo, and my rodeo friends.
2) I consider writing a passion. There is no bigger compliment to me than telling me that one of my stories made you cry.
3) I'm disgustingly in love with my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for over a year now. 4) Supernatural is a bangin' show with a bangin' cast (literally *wink, wink*). 5) Destiel is my ship. 6) Reading is something I do constantly. It's not uncommon for me to finish reading a book in less than a day. I can read three sometimes four books in a week. 7) I really want to be a published author someday. 8) I live in smalltown USA, population 400. 9) I'm attending college, it's annoying. 10) I love cuddling and being the little spoon!


*when someone shortens your name without asking*

J2 - Not quite like Jagger…

Your reigns are a little too long.




As Queen, there is no limit on my reign.

My snarkiness has gotten more attention than initially planned.

you’re welcome


Western vs. English



Jordan Larson & HF Mobster (USA)

credit : Jessica Rodrigues / Equidia

This is actually Andrea Fappani and Custom Cash Advance!


Misha and I got in a “shoot off” on the cruise (photo policy)


Travis Brown

Deseret Ranch

Osceola County, Florida


Smaller protest tonight, but it’s not over folks. Don’t turn away. We’re still so far away from attaining Justice for Mike! #staywoke #insolidarity #itsnotover 

What makes me happy about these pictures is that there are white people along with colored people at the protests. Where I’m from this is seen (wrongly, I may add) as only a black person problem and it infuriates me. This is what we need, to stand together for what’s right no matter our skin tone.

Oregon State University offers an online degree for environmental science! 

I’m so excited! I think going to school online is going to be harder than going to an actual classroom, but at least I’ll be home with my ponies and my family. I can also work and complete the classwork on my own time. 

I’ll probably have to set up a queue so I don’t procrastinate, but I think I’ll really love it!

Environmental science is right up my alley! I love the woods and being outside and I even attended a camp where they taught wildlife conservation when I was younger!

My cousin’s husband is making $100,000 a year in Virginia working with his Environmental Science degree. That’s awesome!

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